What is Considered Excessive or Normal Hair Loss?

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Your dermatologist may also need a sample of your hair shafts or hair follicles for a comprehensive analysis in the lab.


If you have risk factors of pattern hair loss, your dermatologist is likely to analyze your hair loss patterns. If necessary, you may also be asked for a specific blood test.

Abnormal hair loss symptoms

The symptoms are usually dependent on the exact cause and type of your hair loss.

For instances, pattern hair loss is usually associated with gradual thinning hair affecting hairline (in men) and the crown (in women). See also the picture of hair loss patterns between men and women due to inherited genes in here!

Hair loss associated with infection is likely to occur suddenly with skin irritation. And if your hair loss has to do with certain medical condition, it’s likely to appear with other symptoms of the disease.

Furthermore, there is a condition called local hair loss, a term used to describe hair loss on specific area. In other cases, it could be general hair loss – a condition to describe when you lose hairs all over the scalp or all over the body!


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