What Kind of Food Is Good for Your Hair?

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It is another yummy source of protein. Not only that, it is also loaded with other friendly-hair nutrients such as iron, zinc, and selenium.


While having adequate selenium can help reduce your risk of having thyroid problem (hair loss is pretty common in people with thyroid disease), iron may play a role to help carry oxygen to the hair follicles.

However, eat not more than 1 egg /day, because it is also high in cholesterol (especially in the egg yolk)!

Lentils and walnuts

Lentils are tiny legumes containing biotin, zinc, iron, and also protein. And then for walnuts, they also contain those essential nutrients – plus you can get omega-3 fatty acids and more vitamin E!

Moreover, walnuts are also loaded with some copper to help maintain the color your skin.

Fruits (blueberries)

When it comes to best fruits for promoting hair growth, blueberries are often placed on the top list. They are rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients to help maintain the healthy circulation of your scalp .

Eating right is crucial for everyone. But if you have hair loss, the treatment is dependent on what causes the problem. See a dermatologist if it doesn’t improve with changes in diet or other lifestyle measures!


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