What Are the Signs of An Impending Stroke?

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The diagnosis of transient ischemic attack

Although symptoms only last temporarily, anyone who experiences some symptoms mentioned above should be immediately referred to hospital for accurate diagnosis.


Doctors usually will perform some tests to diagnose the underlying cause, these may include:

  1. Physical exams to analyze your blood vessels and heart, including your heart rate, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure (in fact, high blood pressure is the major risk factor of transient ischemic attack and stroke).
  2. CT scan or MRI test are often needed to check the overall health of your blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the brain. These tests can provide a detailed picture of your head. A change that trigged by TIAs usually doesn’t appear in these tests, but does for a true stroke.

Other tests include; angiogram to find blockage /bleeding blood vessels, echocardiogram to find a blood clot near your heart, carotid duplex to find narrowed arteries in the neck, and EKG test to analyze whether you have irregular heartbeats.

What else

According to the American Stroke Association, about more than 10 percent of those who experience transient ischemic attack will experience a true stroke within three months.

If you got transient ischemic attack, you can reduce this risk by following the recommendations suggested by your doctor. He can make a comprehensive plan to help manage your risk factors.

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