What to Eat When You Want Flat Abs?

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Your effort of getting flat abs should be balance between what you put in and what you burn. It’s undeniable that appropriate exercise is the key to burn belly fat and to get more abs. But this will not work optimally if you don’t eat plenty of essential nutrients to support your body in building your abs.

Health benefits from flat abs

If you love them because they can boost your confidence, that’s perfectly normal. But actually the goal is not only about a six-pack. There are other health benefits you need to put on the top list of your goal.

Did you know that your abs host lots of muscles to support all of your body’s motions? In other words, they are so vital for your overall health.

Strong muscles of your stomach can rinse your entire fitness level and boost your athletic performance.

Furthermore, strong abs can help reduce your risk of some health problems. These include the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Foods you need to eat to help reach the goal faster

So, what are best foods you need to prioritize in your meal plan when you want more abs? If you still don’t have any idea, the following foods should be helpful enough to get process in gear.

Get more veggies and fruits!

Fruits & veggies are not only rich in fiber, but they also provide lots of essential nutrients. For best result, choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to nourish your body with a wide range of plant-based nutrients.

While they are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that can be great for your overall health, their fiber are also essential to help you feel full throughout the day (helpful to cut back on high-calorie foods).

However if you get used with diet low in fiber, it’s important to increase your fiber intake gradually! A sudden increase in your fiber intake when your body is not ready will be counterproductive that may cause some uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea.

Lean Protein

To make your belly fat melt away, you may turn on cutting back your calories. There is nothing wrong with this idea, particularly if you are being overweight or even obese. But that doesn’t mean that you need to skip all kinds of meat.

image_illustration172Meat is high in calories, but it is also rich in protein. The best deal is with lean meat since it is low in fat, fewer in calories, and loaded with more protein. This includes lean cuts of lamb, beef, and pork.

Protein is so essential nutrient in building muscles. If you want to boost more muscles, you need to get plenty of protein. Other healthy and rich protein foods are skinless breast chicken, nuts, beans, and fish.

Healthy fats

While lean meat is considered healthy since it is low in fat and high in protein, there is also healthy fat that can help nourish your body. This kind of fat is called unsaturated fat.

Unsaturated fats can act on opposite ways of saturated fats (bad fats) in the body. They can help lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and provide other health benefits. Furthermore, your body also needs plenty of fat to build muscles.

In addition, most of your daily fat intake should come from unsaturated fats – this especially important for your heart. Nuts, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, olive oil, and avocado are some good sources for your healthy fats!

Greek Yogurt

Another healthy choice to help boost more abs is with yogurt. We all agree that it is loaded with lots of essential nutrients. Even consuming yogurt moderately and regularly is linked to with lower risk of some health conditions.

In the case when you want abs, the following are some benefits of what yogurt can do to help reach your goal:


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