What to Eat When You Want Flat Abs?

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  1. It is loaded with protein but low in fat – particularly if you choose low-fat yogurt. Even there is also available free-fat yogurt.
  2. It can help you feel full longer throughout the day. It is reported can help loose excessive belly fat faster. According to one study, people who took diet with non-fat yogurt burned almost twice as much belly fat as others who took diet without yogurt.

However, not all people love yogurt. If you are one of them, Greek yogurt may be your best deal. It is thicker and loaded with more protein.


Whole Grains

They are good source of your energy, why? We know well that they are loaded with more fiber. They are also complex carbohydrate. In other words, they can be a good choice to help you full longer and maintain your ideal body weight.

Other essential nutrients found in whole grains are some vitamin, phytochemicals, and minerals. Some evidences found that they may help reduce the risk of some health conditions, such as type-2 diabetes.

Eat them more by stirring shredded wheat into your meal /cereal /snack! For instance, you can make a sandwich with some whole-grain bread.


Keep hydrated

Fluid is so vital for your overall health – even it may be the most critical nutrient for the body. Most organs of your body consist of fluid. For instances, your lungs are composed of almost 90 percent fluid, and about 95 percent of brain is fluid.

In other words, water is so essential for the balance of all the body’s system – including for your muscles. So, it is important to keep hydrate before, during, and after workout by drinking plenty of water!

All foods mentioned above are healthy and great to help boost more abs and maintain your ideal weight. But though they are healthy, they also contain some calories. So, eat them in moderation!

Other keys in building flat abs

Getting proper nutrients when you want flat abs is only one of crucial keys. Another thing you need to concern to get your goal successfully is exercise and exercise.

But since your focus is to get more abs, you tend to do all kinds of exercises that build flat abs faster. That’s great, but the result will be much better if your plan is also followed with regular cardio exercises.

You can gain the most muscular set of abs, but if these sexy abs are blanketed by other fats in other parts of your body, who cares! That’s why you need to do some cardio exercises regularly. This is not only great for your entire fit status but also helpful to rid yourself of excessive fat around your midsection.

Weight training is another key point. Like other muscles of your body, you need resistance to optimally strengthen and build abs. You can build them with conventional sit-up or crunches, but it can go faster to see the result when you combine your effort with weight training.


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