When Does Pregnancy Brain (Momnesia) Start?

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So, when does pregnancy brain start?

There is no clearly answer for the exact time of when this kind of syndrome starts. Some women experience it in their early pregnancy (first weeks of the first trimester), while others reports that it occurs in the weeks of the second and third trimester.


Even there are also some women who don’t experience it during pregnancy, but they do have it after birth (such as at early stages of motherhood). So these suggest that the time of when this syndrome begins to occur varies from women to women.

The most important thing is this forgetfulness problem doesn’t last forever. In general, it should go away naturally without any medical intervention. A theory approximates that it may take several months after labor to restore a woman’s memory as sharp as before pregnancy.

What are the next steps – how to cope with your momnesia problem?

Below are a few helpful tips:

  1. Avoid thinking that you are having a cognitive decline. You should clearly understand that becoming a mom will involve a physical and emotional transition. As you are adjusting, keep focus on the positive & good aspects of your pregnancy and motherhood!
  2. After birth, lack of sleep can be a serious and clearly reason of your momnesia. Did you know that a new mom can get about 700 hours of sleep debt in the first year of her motherhood? So, manage your sleep as well – particularly focus to your deep sleep (don’t only focus to the quantity of your sleep)! Work with your partner to manage your sleep!
  3. Write down anything that you think is important! A note of the major checklists of your day can be very useful to keep you remember to your crucial schedules! Don’t forget also to write down some safety precautions! For instance, if you often forget to put your kid in the seat of your car then make sure you write it!

The takeaway! Additionally, one thing you should remember that ‘your IQ or memory doesn’t change during and after pregnancy, but your priorities do’! In other words, the top shelves of your memory are filled with your baby stuff – but generally there is actually no any change with your memory. For more advice, see a doctor


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