Where Is Gastritis Pain Felt

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To make sure that gastritis is the main culprit of your stomach pain, see a doctor! There is usually no special test to diagnose mild gastritis. Many times, doctors are able to make a diagnosis of the condition by performing a physical exam and taking your medical history.

But if your pain and other symptoms don’t improve or even get worse, your doctor can arrange a number of tests. In such case, you may need to have some of the following tests to confirm the exact cause of your problem:

  1. Blood tests. They can reveal whether or not you have anemia. They may also help detect H-pylori infection.
  2. Sometimes blood tests are not accurate enough to identify H-pylori infection. Therefore, other tests such as a breath test or a stool test may be required.
  3. Endoscopy, a procedure to look inside your abdomen by inserting a flexible, thin telescope down through the esophagus. It can help find any inflammation or other signs of abnormality in your stomach.
  4. And if necessary, biopsy – a procedure in which a few small samples of your stomach lining are removed so your doctor can observe them more clearly at under the microscope.

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