Why Is Alcohol Bad for Psoriasis?

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Alcohol can act as a depressant since it can make your central nervous system go slower than normal, resulting a decrease in reaction, motor coordination, and the way of how you think (a decrease in intellectual performance). It can cause bad effect in some health medical problems, including for psoriasis.

How does your body react to alcohol?

Once swallowed, it enters to your digestive system (stomach & small intestine). About 80 percent of alcohol that you drink is absorbed through your small intestine, and only about 20 percent through your stomach.

With the mechanism of the digestive system, then it can be carried by small blood vessels and goes into the bloodstream. Eventually, it is metabolized in the liver.

The effect that appears is dependent on the metabolism rate of your body for alcohol. Generally, the liver is able to metabolize one standard drink (about 1 ounce of liquor) in 60 minutes.

If you drink more than this rate, your liver cannot accommodate what your drink and causing the accumulation of alcohol in your body tissues and blood. Therefore, if you drink too much, you can have high level of blood alcohol concentration that typically will last for several hours.

The way of alcohol in affecting the body can go differently in men and women

A woman can feel the effect more than a man, why? The answer is due to several physiological factors. Even some studies found that women are more susceptible to the damaging effects of alcohol than men.

The following are some explanations:

  1. Men have more dehydrogenase, a kind of enzyme produced by liver to help metabolize and break down alcohol. In other words, the rate to metabolize alcohol in women is slower than in men.
  2. Factors associated with hormones! Women are more likely to have more episodes of hormonal changes such as prior-during-after menstruation cycle, pregnancy, and the use of birth control. The elevated estrogen may have an effect in decreasing the metabolism rate for alcohol.
  3. The performance to dilute alcohol is also different, where men are stronger than women.

The common effects of alcohol in the body

While the effect can be fairly foreseeable, there are also some factors that can affect the way of how alcohol generate its effect for the same individual on different occasions. Some of these factors may include the levels of your fatigue, emotions, mood, and expectations.

Most alcohol that you drink will be metabolized in the liver – there is only about 10 percent excreted (typically through urine).

And as mentioned before, there is a threshold number for your liver in metabolizing alcohol. Therefore, drinking it too much can be bad for your health.

image_illustration157When you drink too much, your body can respond the condition by releasing more insulin to remove more glucose in the bloodstream. Once you have low blood glucose, you can experience some of the following symptoms:

  1. Feeling tired.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Blurred of vision.
  4. Heavy sweating.
  5. Shaky feeling.

Though you often seem to crash out and fall sleep after drinking, but actually you don’t get a good sleeping. Instead, the quality of your sleep is affected due to the following reasons:

  1. The habit of drinking too much alcohol can disturb the sequence & duration of your normal sleep.
  2. And after drinking, you can go with dehydration during sleep.

Alcohol can cause irritation in the stomach, which then may cause retching and vomiting. You may also experience diarrhea and heartburn in the morning after.

Diarrhea can occur due to the effects of alcohol on the performance of the large bowel in reabsorbing water & salt. And for heartburn, it can occur due to the inflammation of the esophagus triggered by the toxic effect of alcohol.

Why is alcohol bad for psoriasis?

While it is bad when you have psoriasis, it also has been reported to be a possible risk factor of the disease because there is higher prevalence of abusing alcohol in people with psoriasis – particularly in men.

Unfortunately, the clearly answer for the link of them is not fully understood yet.

However, again it is clear that alcohol is bad for psoriasis, why? The following are some of the reasons:


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