Why Does Frozen Shoulder Take So Long to Heal?

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The complex inflammation


Some risk factors of frozen shoulder have been confirmed, these include:

  1. Immobility factor, not moving for long periods of time.
  2. Having other shoulder conditions, such as rotator cuff tear and calcific tendonitis.
  3. Suffering from systemic and chronic conditions, especially such as diabetes. Other conditions include thyroid problems, stroke, lung disease, or some types of cancer.
  4. Personal history of previous surgery /injury particularly one that occurs in the shoulder.
  5. Age and gender. Females are more often affected than males. And it is relatively more common at the ages of 40 or older.

If you have some of these risk factors, you are at greater chance to have frozen shoulder.

Again, the problem occurs when the shoulder capsule is getting inflamed, thickened, and tightened. But why this happens is unclear, the exact cause of the disease is not known.

As noted before, many structures in the shoulder are encased by capsule of connective tissue. If this capsule becomes tightened and thickened – the inflammation can occur, causing pain in the joint.


And since this capsule hosts lots of essential structures for the shoulder, the inflammation can be complex and not easy to heal.

The way of how the disease develops has an effect, too

The process of thickening and tightening in frozen shoulder occur gradually. And many health conditions that develop gradually can be a long-term chronic condition, even some are incurable.

The slowly progression of the disease may increase the chance to cause more serious damage, making the disease take so long to heal.

The role of the first treatment

The earlier diagnosis and appropriate medication you take, your recovery is more likely to go faster.

The prognosis of how fast the recovery goes is also determined on how fast you take the appropriate treatment. The disease may improve on its own even without treatment, but it usually will take longer to heal.


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