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There are a lot of questions, myths, and facts when it comes to losing weight. And these issues may make you become confused. In general, you will lose your weight when the daily calories you eat (calories input) are lower than the daily calories you burn (calories output). So the key is ‘eat less and get moving more’!

Will you lose weight if you eat 1200 calories a day?

The answer can vary, dependent on several factors such as your gender, age, and the level of your physical activity.

For instance, if you are a woman in the age of 19-30 with Body Mass Index of 21.5 and moderately active, your calorie requirement per day is about 2000-2200 calories.

In such case, your calories output is higher than your calories input – so thus you will lose weight.

But 1200 calories per day is not always easy, particularly if you get used to eating a lot. Therefore, it’s much better to get the minimum level of your calories requirement and increase your physical activity level!

See also the calories requirements between men and women from different age and physical activity level on this section!

If you don’t eat all day long – does this idea help?

You may have an idea to drastically cut your calories or even stop eating in order to burn more pounds of your weight quickly.

Yap… This may provide a significant weight loss at short time. But it can lead to a crash diet, a bad thing for your health.

Furthermore, your metabolic rate is crucial for weight control. When you don’t eat and skip all your meals, you can cut your daily calories drastically (lower than 1000).

But eating few calories (much lower than the minimum of your daily calories requirement) is very bad for your metabolic rate. And once you get back to your normal diet, your body will burn the calories more slowly.

Will you lose weight if you run every day?

Any physical activity can help burn calories. Even a little movement of your body requires energy.

So, running is a good way to to help lose more pounds of your excessive weight. But this also requires a healthy-balanced diet — because burning a lot of calories is almost useless for your weight loss program when you also get a lot of calories from your diet, isn’t it?

If you are physically inactive or sedentary individual, don’t jump directly to heavy exercise such as running every day. Instead, increase the intensity of your exercise gradually!

How about drinking a lot of water – Does it work?

Some studies found that people who get plenty of water every day is less likely to have weight problem than others who don’t.

Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before your meal! This can suppress your appetite because you will feel a little bit fuller with more liquid in your stomach.

And did you know that keeping hydrated is also important for your metabolism? If you are being dehydrated, this would make the metabolism of your body work more slowly.

But this doesn’t mean you have to drink water a lot (much higher than what your body needs). Just make sure to get plenty of liquid a day to keep hydrated!

Can you lose weight if you stop drinking soda?

Yes, you can. The reason is due to the high amounts of calories in soda. 1 conventional serving of soda (about 12 ounces in weight) contains about 124 to 189 calories.

So, if you can restrict soda in your diet, this reduces your calories input!

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