Will Rogaine Stop Receding Hairline

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What to understand, Rogaine doesn’t target the underlying cause of the problem. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t target any hormone of your body, including DHT. Therefore if DHT is the main reason of the problem, the efficacy of this medicine is very low.

There is still no any detailed scientific study that specifically explores the effectiveness of Minoxidil on receding hairline. So it’d be better if to view this topical hair loss solution as something with ‘potential’ benefits when it comes to treating receding hairline. Don’t think it will become a guaranteed way to fix your hairline.

Also, the results from the treatment are not permanent. If it works on your hairline, it may take weeks or months to see your hair growth improvements. You need to keep up with its application to sustain your hair growth. If you discontinue using the treatment, hair loss on the treatment area may occur again.

The takeaway! It seems Rogaine doesn’t guarantee that it will stop receding hairline permanently. But since it’s practical solution and affordable, some people are quite satisfied with it. Even if your problem has to do with high DHT, consider using Rogaine with finasteride, a DHT blocker. Together, they may work more effectively to provide a synergistic effect hair growth solution – one study suggests [4].

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