Will Warts Return After Freezing (Cryotherapy)?

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What to expect after freezing?

As mentioned before, the treatment with cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze warts. This cold-substance application can go quickly, usually less than a minute.

Before applying the cold liquid substance, the specialist may need to trim the wart by using a knife (appropriate small knife). He then may also suggest a numbing local anesthetic, though it is usually not needed.

A probe /cotton swab is usually used to apply the cold liquid substance of nitrogen to the wart. This also can be done by directly spraying the liquid nitrogen on the wart.

After surgery, you may feel pain that usually lasts about 3 days. However, there is also a chance for a blister to form about several hours after surgery.

If you have a blister and it beaks, make sure to clean the fluid carefully in order to prevent the virus from spreading. And avoid touching or eliminate a direct contact with the fluid!

The blister usually dries up within few days and then you will notice that your warts fall off. In general, the healing usually takes about 1-2 weeks with mild or no scaring.

Minor surgery can be another choice of treatment

This option involves removing the wart with cutting away the affected tissue /burning it with appropriate electric current.

Before surgery, you need to take anesthetic with injection, and it can be painful. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of leaving scars. That’s why minor surgery is usually the last option. It can be used when problem doesn’t respond to other treatments.

In addition, there is also laser surgery for warts. But it is pricey and typically recommended for stubborn warts – another last option of treatment.

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