How to Deal with Wrinkled Skin inside Elbows

As if there isn’t enough to dwell about when you age, and one thing that you’re likely to ignore when you glance in a mirror because you don’t see it – that’s wrinkled skin inside elbows. Fortunately, we also have many options to help deal with and make it less visible.

Why does the skin inside elbows get wrinkled?

The elbows are surrounded with a little extra skin so you can bend them. And that’s the main reason why they usually look a bit saggy when they’re straight. So you don’t have to wait until your 40s to see this saggy spot.

The similar thing goes for the skin inside the elbows. It tends to appear a bit wrinkly when you fully bend the elbows, and we already can see this in a time for puberty changes (adolescent). Fortunately, it’s usually less noticeable than the saggy spot on the elbows.

This kind of wrinkled skin is not necessarily associated with your age, but it’s also hard to resist that aging has a role to make it look more clearly in time.

Besides time and age, the following factors may also worsen the problem [1]:

The radiation of ultraviolet (UV)

UV light exposure (including inappropriate tanning beds) is probably the most dominant factor that causes your elbow’s skin to age more quickly, according to the American Association of Dermatology. The good news, it’s also a manageable thing.

Elastin is important to keep your skin elastic and firm. It allows your skin to stretch and snap back. And UV radiation can hurt this essential skin fiber.

Without protection, your skin is more vulnerable to the ravages of the sun. As a result, the risk of skin damage increases.

Lack of moisture

Over time the skin will lose its balance in controlling moisture. That’s why dry skin is more common in older age.

This moisture deficiency is bad for any aging spots on your skin, including wrinkles. Without adequate moisture, the deep lines on the skin inside your elbows are likely to look more pronounced.

What else?

  1. A dramatic change of weight.
  2. Bad air pollution, including tobacco smoke.
  3. Lack of sleep.
  4. Your diet may have an effect, too.

How to deal with wrinkled skin inside your elbows?

Wrinkly spot in this area is easy to hide, from wearing long-sleeve clothes to cheating your selfie pictures with a slight bend in your elbow.

But everyone loves a permanent deal with, because you can’t do your daily activities with photoshop. Here are some worthy things to try for better youthful looking in real life.

Sunscreen is a must

The gradual thinning process of ozone, the layer of our earth that protects us from UVB radiation, is real [2]. So seeking shade all day long is the best way to prevent wrinkled skin inside elbow from getting worse. You can do this by wearing a sunscreen (choose one with SPF of at least 30), especially during outdoor.

Sunscreen can protect your forearm and elbow from harmful UV radiation, which is necessary to reduce the likelihood of skin damage and sunburn.

This skin-care routine is vital to stave off premature aging of the skin and lower the risk of skin cancer.

Studies showed that sunscreen may help reduce the likelihood of premature skin aging by up to 24 percent [3]. Plus, it’s a good way to help improve your youthful glowing by preventing the risk of dark sports or other skin discoloration.

Boost your skin hydration!

As you age, it’s recommended to adapt your skincare routine accordingly. This is particularly important when you’re close to 40s or older.

Skin hydration is the key for everything, including wrinkles. It is also important to protect the skin from harmful things that may cause irritation and inflammation.

Lack of hydration and moisture in the skin would make fine lines and wrinkles more likely. That’s why your moisturizer can help a lot.

Although moisturizer doesn’t get rid of the problem, it can make any skin lines look less noticeable since it keeps your skin hydrated and looks plump.

Products containing hyaluronic acid is your best bet. Hyaluronic acid gets all the attention (it gets the job done when it comes to hydrating skin and making plumper skin).

Does your diet make a difference?

An old wives’ tale says that your beauty comes from the inside, and lots of studies have confirmed this – though the connection still remains a debatable and conflicting subject. Whatever, eating right is always important for your skin health.

To ease the wrinkly appearance inside your elbows, here are a few things to remember in a balanced diet [4]:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids, the “good fats’ that are not only great for your cardiovascular health but also a necessary thing to help the skin appears youthful and healthier. It is easy to be found in fatty fish (salmon or tuna), flax seed, walnuts, and canola oil.
  2. Foods high in antioxidants, to protect the skin of your elbows from the ravages of oxidative stress (a disturbance in which the amounts of free radicals in the body are higher than normal). Free radicals can contribute to skin aging [5].
  3. Your dietary vitamins are also necessary! All vitamins are good for your overall health. But when it comes to the fountain of youth — vitamins of C, A, D, E, and K are probably the most essential things.

Full your balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables for youthful appearing skin. And don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep hydrated, including the skin. You must see dehydration and the risk of skin wrinkles!

What to avoid? The following table is a few examples about bad foods to avoid and alternative choices for your wrinkle-fighting bodyguard:

Bad Foods Why? More Recommended
White sugar Diet high in white sugar is linked to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which contributes to oxidant stress and aging process [6]. Pure-dark chocolate, fruits (e.g. blueberries, pears, and watermelon), and honey are much better when craving something sweet.
French fries They’re high in salt, trans-fats, and also have to do with AGE production. Salty foods cause dehydration, a bad thing for your skin hydration. Baked sweet potato – or fried sweet potato low in salt (if you’re craving for crispy taste) is not bad idea. Sweet potato is thought to be helpful for improving collagen production.
White breads A high level of AGEs (especially when integrated with protein) and a high Glycemic Index food (not only bad if you have diabetes, but also the aging process)! Instead, choose sprouted grain breads. They’re low GI food and less likely to cause formation of AGEs.
Coffee and carbonated drinks Excessive consumption of caffeine can ruin your sleep, and sleep deprivation is a bad thing for your skin firmness in long term. Soda or carbonated drinks are high in artificial flavor and sweetener. Cutting down on them is a must if you’re really craving for youthful appearing skin! (If possible) make swaps, golden milk for example is a good idea.
Alcohol It is associated with many skin problems from puffiness to wrinkles. It also has a role to deplete vitamin A and make dehydration more likely. Stop drinking or cut down on it gradually! Try also some creative mocktail recipes.
Margarine A host of partially hydrogenated oils, making the skin become more sensitive to UV radiation. Instead, choose smear avocados or olive oil (high in anti-aging antioxidants).

Self, home remedies

Some people have found that the following remedies may help ease wrinkled skin inside elbows:

  1. Stress management, which is vital for your overall health and skin health. It can also promote a good quality of sleep at night.
  2. Regular exercise. Anything that promotes better blood circulation is a good thing to drive vibrant and healthy skin.
  3. Exfoliation with DIY scrub containing olive oil and sugar.  
  4. Try natural moisturizer containing honey and mud.
  5. OTC hydroquinone, for fade dark spots or any hyperpigmentation.

Treatment options

If lifestyle measures and remedies mentioned above are not enough to help deal with, treatments are available to fix wrinkle skin inside your elbows more effectively.

There are several treatments to choose from, the main ones are as follows:

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