Are You Pregnant or Do You Have Gastritis

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  1. A feeling of fullness (easy to get full even after eating a small meal).
  2. Gnawing /burning sensation in the upper stomach, typically between meals.
  3. Appetite loss, which could be potential to seriously threat your pregnancy since it can factor into malnutrition. 
  4. Passing stools containing bloods. The stomach lining inflammation may bleed, and this results in black-tarry stools.
  5. And vomiting blood (in severe cases), typically characterized by vomiting coffee (black /brown) ground-like material.

What else to understand?

In general, gastritis has nothing to do with pregnancy. But it can occur during pregnancy, including a few weeks after conception. The good news, it’s manageable and curable. Even it often relieves with a few lifestyle measures.

Most cases of gastritis are mild and will improve without causing serious problems. But it may also persist or become chronic, which may put you at high risk of developing a stomach ulcer or even a stomach cancer.

Since pregnancy is very crucial in your life, see a doctor promptly if you have any unusual symptoms that don’t respond with lifestyle measures!


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