Will You Get Myocarditis Again

Myocarditis, as the name implies, is inflammation of the heart muscle ‘also called myocardium’ from any cause (mostly from viral infection). Though it could cause life-threatening heart failure, it usually

Can Stress Cause Myocarditis

How much stress we experience and how we respond to it can cause a wide variety of medical conditions. For example, chronic and uncontrolled stress can exert real physiological effects

Myocarditis Exercise Restrictions

Regular exercise is important to maintain your overall health, including the heart. But if you have myocarditis — an inflammation disorder affecting the myocardium (heart muscle) — some types of

Myocarditis and Night Sweats

It’s normal to occasionally have excessive sweating if you’re sleeping during the hot weather or under too many blankets. But if your bedroom is cool and you find your bedclothes