Blood Sugar Levels Normal Range after Eating and Fasting!

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How about with after meals? Normally, your blood glucose should be around 140 mg/dL or lower after eating (two hours after your meal) – according to the National Diabetes Association. Even it can be much lower than 140 mg /dL in most healthy people.

The level of greater than 140 mg /dL after meal (1-2 hours after meal) should not be ignored, because this is considered abnormal! In people with diabetes, the blood glucose level can reach up to 180 mg /dL after eating (a warning sign of hyperglycemia).

What else you need to know?

To analyze whether you glucose metabolism is normal or abnormal – your doctor may also ask you to take a random blood glucose test. This kind of test can be performed regardless of your last meal. The result of this test can help doctor to closely examine the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels.

In healthy individuals, the blood sugar levels typically don’t vary greatly throughout the day. The widely fluctuation levels of blood sugar may point to a serious problem, such as prediabetes or even diabetes.

When talking about the normal levels of blood glucose, high blood glucose is not the single problem, too low level of glucose in the blood (called hypoglycemia) also can be a serious problem. According to Health-Wise, a FBG of lower than 50 mg /dL is considered too low and for 50-70 mg /dL is considered mildly flow.