Aggressive Kidney Cancer Prognosis

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Aggressive cancer means the cancer grows and develops more quickly, which also means that there is greater chance for the cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. Kidney cancer can become aggressive, too. For such case, immediate treatment is required. How about the prognosis?

How dangerous is kidney cancer?

You have two kidneys, bean-shaped organs located in the area around the middle of your back. Each is about the size of your fist. Although they are small in size, they serve several important functions. For example, they are responsible to clean the blood so your body has sustainable healthy, balanced blood to keep survive.

Cancer that first started in the kidney is called primary kidney cancer, that’s what we’re talking about in this section. Because there is also a condition called secondary kidney cancer – it is cancer elsewhere in the body that spreads to the kidney.

image_illustration443Kidney cancer can grow slowly or aggressively, this can vary from case to case. Interestingly, watchful-waiting procedure (when immediate treatment is not necessary) is quite common option, especially for men over 60 with the condition.

The good news, it’s often treatable. But sometimes it can also be serious, particularly true if it has become advanced. In fact, the mortality rate of this cancer is still pretty high. Even though if watchful-waiting procedure is suggested, the cancer will be closely monitored – and when there is any sign of when it starts to behave aggressively, the treatment is given immediately!

In general, the more aggressive the kidney cancer – the more likely it is to become more dangerous or even life-threatening! See also the mortality rate of the condition in this section!

Aggressive kidney cancer prognosis

If you are first diagnosed with the condition, you may wonder about your prognosis (the prediction of how the cancer will go for you). There is no answer /explanation that can tell you exactly what will happen. Your doctor only can give information about an estimate of your life expectancy and prognosis based on experiences of other patients with the same situation.

It’s difficult to predict how the cancer will behave. But in general, the chance for kidney cancer to become aggressive is dependent on several factors. The main ones include the grade and type of the cancer.

Cancer grade

The grade of your cancer describes how the cancer cells look like when closely observed under a microscope (compared to normal cells). It is usually taken into account when the doctor determines the stage of the cancer.

The higher score of the grade means the cancer cells look more abnormal and have greater chance to grow aggressively. In other words, high-grade cancer is more difficult to treat, because it is likely to grow and spread quickly!

Cancer type

There are several types of kidney cancer, and some may have a tendency to behave more aggressively. This type is usually also determined when the doctor determines the cancer stage. The most common type is renal cell cancer, which has several sub-types such as clear cell and chromophobe renal cell cancer.

Still, the stage of the cancer plays a key role on the prognosis (including for aggressive cancer). Even though if it is aggressive, the chance to successfully treat or even cure it is greater if it is caught early because appropriate treatment can be given before it becomes advanced. For more information about the prognosis (life expectancy) and the chance to cure kidney cancer, visit here and here!

There is no procedure to completely scan all cancer cells remaining in the body. It usually takes years for your doctor to determine whether your cancer has been cured. But in general, if there is no any sign of the cancer more than 5 years, it may be cured.

Unfortunately even though the treatment works successfully, aggressive cancer has a greater tendency to return. Therefore, it’s usually recommended to have regular follow-up appointments after treatment.


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