Can Osteoarthritis Turn Into Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Still, osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are different – each has different causes. OA cannot turn into RA, and vice versa.

Lifestyle approaches for coping

Most lifestyle measures that work for OA can give the same advantages for RA. Along with the prescription treatments, the following are some helpful lifestyle changes that can help:

Some diet changes

Although there is no clearly guideline or specific diet for arthritis, but some sufferers find that particular foods can trigger the symptoms to flare up or worsen the symptoms. For more information about these foods, here is a helpful article.

The only evidence that diet works for arthritis is because diet changes can play a key role in controlling the weight and keep it off. Obesity is a risk factor of some types of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. More extra kilo /pound of weight you gain will be bad for your weight-bearing joint such as your knee joints.

Physical therapy and exercise

Having joint disease such as OA or RA doesn’t mean your body can ignore exercise. Still, you need to get adequate physical activity every day.

When the symptom strikes or flares up, you may need to rest the affected joint! But once you know that the joint is ready for exercise, you should not ignore this signal. Even exercise can be an essential part of the treatment plan for all kinds of arthritis.

Both physical therapy and appropriate exercise can strengthen the muscles around the joint. They also can help improve your balance, mobility, and other living skills – even can be an effective way to reduce the chance for the symptoms such as stiffness and pain to flare up.

See also other advantages from exercise if you have arthritis in here!

In addition, it’s also important to practice healthy habits as much as possible. And keep far away from smoking, abusing alcohol, or other unhealthy practices! Don’t forget to get regular medical checkups in order to keep monitoring the disease.

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