Can Stress and Exercise Cause Menstrual Bleeding?

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The good news, when you begin to reduce your excessive exercise and take a healthy & well-balanced diet, the periods should return normal on its own.


But, there are also some health conditions that can cause unusual menstrual bleeding that can be associated with exercise.

If you have one or some of the following conditions, you could experience unexpected bleeding after or during exercise [7]:

  1. Benign growth in the uterus, this condition is medically called uterine fibroids as noted before.
  2. Pelvic inflammatory disease, a kind of bacterial infection that affects the reproductive organs in women.
  3. Abnormal growth in the cervix (cervical polyp).
  4. Various systematic conditions such as blood clotting problems.

Typically, the menstrual bleeding associated with the health conditions mentioned above is also followed with other unusual symptoms such as prolonged bleeding, bleeding between periods, prolonged pain, pain after /during intercourse, and prolonged high fever.

Furthermore, you need to know that your period is also closely associated with your age. Having early or late period is common in adolescents when they are still going in their puberty phase.

But overall, if you in-doubt with a symptom that you are experiencing, it’s much better to make an appointment with your doctor for more advice!

The health benefits of regular and moderate exercise for your menstrual periods

Exercise is not only about moving your body and you can do it whenever you want. To get the most health advantages, you need to do it regularly – and to keep safe, do it moderately!

While you do it excessively this can be not too good for your menstrual cycles, there are some health benefits you get if you do it regularly and moderately.

For instance, regular and moderate exercise can help ease and improve the following PMS symptoms [5]:

  1. Headache.
  2. Fatigue.
  3. Menstrual cramping pain.
  4. Abdominal bloating.
  5. And also helpful to improve your mood.

Moreover, when you get the balance of your physical activity from regular exercise, this may also help maintain the balance of your hormones. As a result, this will probably be helpful to keep your menstrual cycles run regularly and easily.

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