Can Cigarette Smoking Cause Colon Cancer?

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How long does it take for cigarette smoking to cause colon cancer?

Lungs are essential organ to handle and filter toxic chemicals from the environment. Chewing tobacco can interfere with the function of your lungs. Over time you will have unhealthy lungs and blood, as a result your body are less able to control toxic chemicals, causing vicious cycle.

Moreover, the body also has special cleanser-agent called detoxification enzymes. They are essential to help fight against harmful chemicals. But some toxic substances in tobacco like cadmium can disturb this function!

Other toxics in tobacco such acrolein and formaldehyde can destroy small hairs (cilia) in the airways. All of these things are also bad for your overall health in long term.

In colon cancer, the cancerogenic effect of cigarette smoking can take several years to cause the disease and this may vary from one smoker to another – slowly but sure! The effect may run faster if you also have other high-risk lifestyles that promote cancer growth!


Colon cancer can affect anyone, including young people (though it is commonly found in elderly people, over 50). It is one of common cancers in many countries. Even in the U.S, it is one of top leading causes of death related to cancer, according to CDC.

Although it is a life-threatening health condition, but it is so preventable! There are many options to follow to reduce your risk, and stopping smoking can be your greatest step forward if you are a smoker.

A DNA change may occur for every 15 cigarette you have smoked, according to some studies. Therefore, it’s better to stop smoking as soon as possible!

All experts agree that completely quitting can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. How about cutting down the number of cigarettes!

Cutting down is a good start. But the evidence for health advantages of this is mixed! To gain the most benefit, it’s much recommended to completely quit smoking!

However cutting down is recommended to start your plan for quitting and to minimize withdrawal symptoms. But just remember that completely quitting is your main goal!

Smoking is one of risk factors. Other lifestyle measures are also essential to reduce the risk and prevent colon cancer – see more in this completely guide!

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