Why Does Colon Cancer Cause Shortness of Breath?

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Moving effectively

Even simply movement can be hard enough if you have shortness of breath. There are a few things you can do to use your energy more efficiently. For examples:

  1. Every time you move from your bed /chair after lying down /sitting, do it slowly. Get out of your bed safely. Sit for a while on the edge of the bed, and then stand up slowly!
  2. Keep any stuff you use most within practical & easy reach.
  3. Avoid bending over at your waist, because this can make you breathe more difficult. Instead, bend at your knees or hold on something for support, just make sure your chest open so thus you can take a breath easier.
  4. Avoid any rushing activity! Give yourself plenty of time for any task you are doing!
  5. Don’t climb the stairs too often! If you need to climb them, do it carefully!

Bathing and dressing

For some patients with difficulty breathing, washing and dressing are not easy. The following tips may help:

  1. Just make sure to have plenty of time to take a bath and get dressed afterwards.
  2. If necessary, you can put a waterproof chair in the bathroom. Sit on it when you need it!
  3. To reduce the risk of falling, make a handrail fitted in your bathroom so thus you can use it to move more safely in shower.
  4. Use lukewarm water (not hot water). In fact, hot water can make your breathing become more difficult.
  5. Loose fitting clothing (especially without buttons) is more recommended because it will not restrict your breathing.


For some patients, it can be quite frightening when they are going to sleep with difficulty in breathing. But it’s much better to control your anxiety as well. The more anxious and stress you have, the tighter muscles will be, making the problem get worse!

Some simple tips may help. For instances, make your head slightly higher by raising the head of your bed so thus you can breathe easier during sleep.

And just make sure that your bedroom has good air circulation. Use an electric fan (set it on a low setting overnight), or if necessary open the window of your bedroom!

How to drink and eat easier?

If you are very breathless, chewing & swallowing are not easy to do. But with some appropriate approaches, you can do it more easily!

  1. Eating a large meal can be more difficult. Therefore, split your large meal into some small meals!
  2. Avoid taking larger mouthfuls! It’s better to take it smaller.
  3. Don’t eat foods that are difficult to chew!

Foods you eat may also have an effect to cope with your colon cancer and its treatments. You might also like to read about diet and foods you need to avoid and include in here and here!

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