Differences of Peptic, Gastric, and Duodenal Ulcer!

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Does duodenal and stomach ulcer pain come and go?

Many patients reports that their abdominal pain and other symptoms often come and go. However, you need to clearly understand that the healing of the symptom on its own doesn’t always mean that the problem is completely cured naturally.

And one thing you need to know – if improperly treated, there is a chance for the complications to occur. Some of these complications are:

  1. Abnormal bleeding.
  2. A hole that occurs in the walls of the stomach /duodenal – medically called perforation, it is a serious or even medically emergency condition.
  3. There is also a chance of developing the gastric outlet obstruction which can affect the passageway from stomach to the duodenal.

It’s very important for all patients to take the treatment completely. If untreated properly, this digestive problem tends to come back. After the treatment, patient is usually asked to take several tests to make sure that the disease is completely gone and there is no risk of developing ‘cancer’.

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