Do Frontal Hairlines Naturally Recede

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There are a number of factors and conditions that can contribute to abnormal hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is likely to blame if your hairline’s retreat occurs slowly and gradually in a consistent way, particularly true if you also have a genetic trait of the same condition.

But when you hairline falls out suddenly instead of gradually moving higher or thinning over time, it is unlikely related to androgenic alopecia.

In such case, the cause could be something else other than androgenic alopecia, which may include [4]:

  1. Stress and hormonal imbalances. Chronic, uncontrolled stress can affect the life cycle of your hair. The same goes for changes in hormones such as during menopause and pregnancy.
  2. Something wrong with your diet, the imbalance of nutrition such as; too much vitamin A, lack of protein and iron, or a dramatic change in weight.
  3. Certain medications, e.g. anabolic steroids, blood thinners, radiation, chemotherapy, and birth control pills.
  4. Poor hair care practices, e.g. frequent bleaching, excessive use of hair dryer, and hairpin /rubber bands.
  5. Infections on the scalp such as fungal infections.
  6. Certain health conditions, like thyroid disorder and anemia.
  7. Other hair loss problems such as alopecia aerate (round patches of hair loss caused by autoimmune disease) and scarring alopecia.

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