Does Blood Pressure Vary Throughout the Day and Night?

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  1. Irregular shift work, such as night-shift work.
  2. Experiencing more episodes of stress.
  3. Chewing tobacco /cigarette smoking. Smoking could raise your BP!
  4. Drinking too much caffeinated beverages.
  5. Age factor! If now you are over 50, your chance of getting more fluctuation on your BP is higher.
  6. If you have hypertension. Poorly controlled high blood pressure would affect the daily pattern of your BP.
  7. Some medications for hypertension may also have an effect.

If you feel that the daily pattern of your BP changes drastically or if you in-doubt to your condition, see a doctor for more advice.

Sometimes abnormal daily pattern of blood pressure points to certain medical health condition like kidneys disease, adrenal gland problem, sleep apnea, or something else.


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