Does Fibromyalgia Ever Go Away?

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Fibromyalgia is a condition of pain in the connective tissues and muscles. In general, the problem can cause widespread joint and muscle pain, may also be followed with fatigue and other symptoms. Does it ever go away? The prognosis and outlook of this musculoskeletal condition may vary. Some treatment options are available to help control the disease and improve general health of patient.

Topic Overview

Fibromyalgia is one of common syndromes in some countries, including in the U.S. Even it is the most common health condition that affects musculoskeletal structures after osteoarthritis.

The exact cause of this musculoskeletal disorder is not fully understood yet. Currently, some experts think that it is linked to a fundamental problem that affects the way of brain and spinal cord in processing pain signals.

The reason of how this fundamental problem occurs is not known. But it is thought as a consequence of some different factors. These include:

  1. Psychological or physiological trauma such as stress (especially post-traumatic stress), catastrophic events, etc.
  2. Genetic trait may have a role! In fact, the disorder is more likely to run in families. This suggests that there may be certain genetics that can make you become a vulnerable individual of developing fibromyalgia.
  3. Infections. Some illness may have an effect in triggering /worsening this musculoskeletal disorder.

Rheumatic disease (like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis) and hormonal alteration (such as under-active thyroid) can be other possible risk factors.

One of interesting facts, the disease is relatively more common in women, especially in middle-aged women. And we know that women tend to have more episodes of having hormonal changes in their live.

image_illustration184People with this musculoskeletal disorder usually have ‘tender /critical points’ on the body. These points are specific sites of the body (typically such as legs, hips, arms, shoulders, back, and neck) that usually hurt when pressure is put on them.

In some cases, the symptoms can appear gradually. They can gradually accumulate over time without a specific trigger. In other cases, they can appear after surgery, infection, high stress, or physical trauma.

Does the problem ever go away?

Fibromyalgia is not only often misunderstood but also often mistakenly identified as another health condition. Currently, there is still no specific test to confirm a diagnosis of the disease. Doctors usually use several tests to only rule out other health conditions that may cause the similar symptoms.

Pain and other discomfort symptoms of fibromyalgia can be very bothersome. This may lead to frustration and you might wonder whether the disease will ever go away.

Currently, fibromyalgia is incurable condition. There is still no cure for the disease. However, some treatments and lifestyle changes can help you deal with the problem!

It is a lifelong ‘chronic’ musculoskeletal condition. The symptoms can come and go. Sometime they improve, but at other times they can return and even get worse.

How long does the flare last? The answer can vary; it may last in several weeks, months, or even years. How well you follow the treatment plan has a role in determining the prognosis.

But the good news,


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