Does Gestational Diabetes Cause High Blood Pressure?

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  1. High blood pressure (higher than 140/90) and protein found in your urine – as noted before.
  2. Unusual severe headache or dizziness.
  3. Floaters /blurred vision /decreased vision.
  4. Decreased urination or you don’t have any urine output.
  5. Stomach pain, particularly a very discomfort sensation in your upper right side.
  6. Gaining weight in rapid progression (suddenly weight gain).
  7. Sudden swellings that occurs on your hands, face, or maybe in your eyes. These swellings are abnormal, because most of pregnancies usually only cause swellings of ankle and feet.
  8. Extreme condition of morning sickness (severe nausea and vomiting).
  9. Unusual changes of your reflexes.

Gestational diabetes is not the single health problem that increases the risk – rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, or lupus also increase the risk of preeclampsia, according to WebMD.

Other factors and conditions that contribute to cause an increased risk of preeclampsia include:

  1. Many statistics show that it is more common in pregnancies of women over 40 or too young. If compared from pregnancy to pregnancy in each patient, preeclampsia is more likely to occur in the first pregnancy than the second or third pregnancy of patients.
  2. Hypertension prior to pregnancy.
  3. Obesity prior to pregnancy.
  4. Having personal history of preeclampsia in one pregnancy.
  5. You carry more than one baby.
  6. Having a family history of preeclampsia. If your mother or sister has a history of preeclampsia, you are at greater chance of developing the same problem.

It is important to diagnose preeclampsia as early as possible. Early diagnosis is necessary to prevent any complications that can affect the mother and her baby.

Undiagnosed preeclampsia or if it is diagnosed too late may lead to a very serious condition called eclampsia. That’s why, it’s important to never ignore any unusual symptoms. And don’t forget to regularly visit your healthcare provider for regular prenatal care!


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