Effects of Stress on the Female Body and Mind!

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When it comes to the effects of stress on the female body and mind – irregular period, decreased chance of conception (problem of fertility), acne, weight gain, and depression are some common issues. The problem can affect you psychologically and physically.

Changes of hormone are more common in women than in men. For instances, women have menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause! All these things may make stress more likely!

Stress and menstrual period

The beginning phase of menstrual period is a sign of the puberty’s onset. Typically, it occurs between 10 to 16 years of age.

Most cases of irregular periods are perfectly normal. Ideally, the length of menstrual period is 28 days on average. But most women can have it longer or shorter than 28 days.

The disparity of menstrual cycle can be attributed to a lot of factors, one of them could be stress. See also some possible causes of a missed period on this section!

The mechanism of menstrual cycle is regulated by a complex balance of many hormones. Likewise, stress may affect this balance. The reaction of the body to stress would involve a lot of changes, which some may disturb the balance of your hormones, resulting in irregular menstrual periods.

Stress is likely to factor into a late period. It also affects many other mechanisms in your body. Even sometimes it may worsen your PMS symptoms.

Stress and the female fertility

Several decades ago, the link between stress and your chance of getting pregnant remains puzzling! But today, some scientific evidences have found that the link on this is quite concuslive!

According to a study conducted by the Oxford University and the National Institutes of Health, women are less likely to conceive during stressful period. This study found that alpha-amylase (a kind of enzyme related with stress) may have a significant role in affecting the chance of conception (source).

The production of alpha-amylase increases along with the elevated production of stress-related hormones! This enzyme is secreted when the nervous system releases special substance called ‘catecholamines’ to respond stress.

There is early scientific evidence that this mechanism may affect the blood blow which then eventually may slow the causeway of fertilized egg to go to the place for implantation (uterus).

Also, while stress may decrease your chance of getting pregnant, stress during pregnancy also increases your risk of some pregnancy complications. For in-depth information about this issue, visit this section!

What are other effects?

Again it is not only a kind of emotional problem – it can also affect you physically.

Physical symptoms such as headache, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, stomach upset (like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting), stiff neck, increased heartbeat, and back pain could also be a consequence of an uncontrolled stress!

Depending on your situation, stress may also cause the following conditions:


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