Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure!

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How do they work? With soluble fiber, they block the cholesterol absorption from the digestive tract – as a result, your LDL can decrease!


And plant stanols or sterols are not free of calories. Therefore, make sure your take them in moderation. Taking about 2 grams of either plant sterols or stanols a day can be effective enough to help reduce the bad cholesterol by about 5-15 %, according to some studies.

Watch on your alcohol beverages!

Too much consumption of alcohol can be bad for your entire health, including for your cholesterol and blood pressure – for in-depth information about this issue, visit this section!

Excessive alcohol can put your at greater risk of heart disease. It may also increase your chance of getting liver damage. Nevertheless, some studies showed that drinking alcohol appropriately (in moderation) may help lower the risk of heart diseases.

But overall, the health advantage of drinking alcohol is still debatable. This is the reason for why many experts don’t recommend using alcohol specifically to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

So if you don’t drink alcohol, it’s much better to not use it as one of the choices for your treatment. Instead, it’s much better to choose lifestyle approaches to get your best levels such as with eating right, sleeping well, avoiding stress, and having regular exercise.

But if you love drinking alcohol, you should drink it not more than 2 glasses /day (if you are a man) and not more than 1 glass /day (if you are a woman), this suggestion is recommended by the American Heart Association.


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