Foods that Trigger Atopic Eczema Flare Ups in Children

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Cow milk

We know well that there are lots of dietary products for kids that are made with cow milk. But many people with eczema (particularly in children and infants) find that cow milk can be a food trigger.


On the other hand, childhood is a period of when the body is actively growing. And in fact, milk can be one of essential dietary sources to support the growth during childhood.

For this reason, when cow milk does have an effect on the flare-up, it’s also so important to choose and give the right milk substitute for your child. For best advice, it’s much better to consult first with a professional dietitian before completely removing cow milk from the diet.

Goat milk

When cow milk is often not recommended, how about with goat milk? You may think that it can be a good substitute, but actually the protein in goat milk is also very similar to protein in cow milk.

In other words, generally goat milk is also not recommended to substitute cow milk in children with eczema. Moreover, some statistics show that about 80 percent of kids who are sensitive to cow milk are more likely to also become sensitive to goat milk.


Soy milk (soya milk)

Many times, the label of ‘soy’ is considered healthy choice. There is nothing wrong with this perception since soy is great source of healthy plant-based protein. But for people with soy allergy, consuming any soy products can trigger the allergic reaction.

How about eczema? Again, the answer may vary from person to person, but there are also many children who are over reactive to cow milk may also over react to soy milk.

In addition, the choice of what foods that should be eliminated from diet is commonly also dependent on other factors such as the age of patient, severity of the problem, and history of the problem. Sometime the hospital test results also can have an effect in making decision.

What are safe milks for children with eczema?

There is a kind of milk called hydrolysed formulae. It is specially designed and made for kids who cannot consume both soy milk and cow milk.

It is also rich in some essential nutrients to help kids grow as normal as possible. Furthermore, many doctors often recommend it as a safe choice when trying to find out if diet or food is a trigger of the flare-up.

The drawback may be its taste is not as well as cow or soya milk. Many times, children need to flavor it since the taste is usually unfamiliar at first.

You can buy hydrolysed formulae on your own. But for best result and to keep safe, it’s better to get it with prescription from your GP /doctor. Your doctor can advise a suitable formula that meets to your child needs.

However, there are also few children find that the problem doesn’t improve with hydrolysed formulae. For this case, doctors may recommend another choice such as elemental formulae (it is typically made up of some sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids).

*For more guidance or if you in-doubt with any condition of your children, consult with your doctor!

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