Frozen Shoulder (Pain in Arm, Bicep, Neck, and Back)

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There is also a chance for adhesive capsulitis to cause back pain since the affected shoulder may affect your sleep position at night which then can contribute to cause pain in the back.

However, back pain may be not as common as arm pain, bicep pain, and neck pain in people with frozen shoulder. Theoretically, there should be no direct effect of the disease to cause back pain though sometimes upper back pain is associated with some muscles in the shoulder area.


Bad sleep position is not the only one answer. Other factors may be involved, these include:

  1. Poor posture over time.
  2. Doing daily activities that promote back pain such as wrong exercise and using bad office chair can worsen the problem.
  3. Lack of exercise. Having frozen shoulder (especially during painful stage, the first phase of the disease) can limit the range of motion in your shoulder, pushing you to become a sedentary individual.

Additionally, the affected shoulder can make you become difficult to do certain daily activities or make your back work harder in your daily routines, as a result you eventually experience back pain.

The good news, most cases of back pain is harmless and even will get better on their own. There are also plenty of home remedies to ease the pain.

The following are major things you need to remember for coping with the back pain:

  1. Taking a rest for recovery is necessary (especially when the problem flares up), but don’t take it too long! Too much bed rest can be counterproductive for your recovery.
  2. Though both of your back and shoulder are painful, this doesn’t mean you can say ‘no’ for any physical activities. Instead, it’s much better to keep active as much as you could with your daily activities.
  3. Once the problem is getting better and you are ready for exercise, don’t delay it!

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