How to Get Rid of Psoriasis Naturally?

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  1. Shark cartilage. Some studies suggest that it may help improve the plaques of psoriasis. However, it is expensive. Some sufferers can find the same result with less expensive therapies. In addition, if you have diabetes, it is not recommended. Consult first with your doctor if you are also taking calcium supplements before taking shark cartilage!
  2. Folic acid. It may also be prescribed if you take methotrexate. Don’t take it on your own to keep safe, talk with your doctor first for best result!
  3. Fish oil! The answer of whether it is helpful for psoriasis is still debatable. While some studies suggest it may help improve the symptom, others find nothing. Some evidences suggest that giving it intravenously may be helpful. However, it can increase your risk of bleeding, and it may be taken with high dose. Therefore, if you also take blood-thinners, it is commonly not recommended.

And since there are also some foods that can make the problem get worse, it’s also recommended to make your own small study to find them. Because the trigger foods can vary from sufferer to sufferer!

But in general; high-saturated foods, simple sugars, and alcohol should be avoided if you have psoriasis.

Light therapy (phototherapy) may help

As the name suggests, this treatment involves ultraviolet therapy.  However, it should be done properly – getting too much exposure to sunlight can be counterproductive.

Too much exposure can worsen the symptoms or even may increase the risk of skin cancer. On the other hand, some psoriasis sufferers report that the symptoms improve after getting a controlled amount of sunlight.

Since phototherapy has a risk of becoming counterproductive in treating the problem, discuss first with your doctor about the best way of how to use this technique properly and effectively!

Keep a record of how long you should get the exposure to sunlight to reduce the risk of getting overexposure!

And make sure to use SPF and apply it on the unaffected skin for extra protection. Use SPF of at least 30!


Some herbs that may help improve the symptom include:

  1. Oregon grape (topical applications). It may help improve inflammation and symptoms of psoriasis.
  2. Aloe-Vera extract cream (derived from the leaves of Aloe-Vera plant). It may help ease inflammation, scaling, redness, and itching of psoriasis. To see the improvement, you usually need to use it 2-3 times a day for several weeks or more.
  3. Vitamin B12 and avocado cream. Some early studies found that this cream may ease the symptoms. However, this finding is not final yet – more studies are required for the clearly answer.
  4. Oregano oil! Some sufferers report that their symptoms improve after taking oregano oil. Unfortunately, this issue is not scientifically confirmed yet. If you also take lithium (commonly prescribed for bipolar disorder), oregano oil is not recommended because they can interact which then may become counterproductive.
  5. Coleus forskohlii (Forskolin)! It has a long history of helping people with psoriasis, but it is also not scientifically confirmed yet. It is not recommended if you are also taking blood thinners.

Do acupuncture and chiropractic help?

Some people with psoriasis find that acupuncture can help ease and improve the symptoms of the problem. This traditional Chinese technique can reduce stress – this may be one of the answers of why it may help for psoriasis. However, the evidence of its effectiveness is unclear yet.

How about chiropractic? Like acupuncture, there is still no well-designed research that has looked the effectiveness of chiropractic for psoriasis. But some findings suggest that spinal manipulation may help improve skin lesions in a few cases. It is still debatable whether it works for all sufferers with psoriasis.

Again, before taking any herbs, alternative therapies, or even supplements – discuss first with your doctor to make sure that your choice is safe!

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