Facts of Holistic Kidney Cancer Treatment

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Laetrile (the trade name for amygdalin) is derived from apricot pits, and also an extract of some plants and nuts – first publicized as a holistic cancer cure for cancer more than 100 years ago.

In the body, enzymes in the guts break down Laetrile to become cyanide, which mainly proponents ‘claim of killing cancer cells’ with least side effect to the normal cells /tissues. Another reason, it is also thought that Laetrile is a kind of B-17 vitamin – and some believe that the deficiency of this vitamin can contribute to cause cancer.

But there is no adequate scientific evidence to support these benefits. Even a study suggests that Laetrile may pose the risk of cyanide poisoning. Today, Laetrile is banned in the US.

Cannabis Oil

Many times, it is heralded as an alternative treatment to help shrink and kill cancer cells, as well as a cure for a number of other health conditions such as infections, migraines, insomnia, arthritis, or even diabetes (an incurable chronic metabolic disorder).

It is derived from the extraction of marijuana plants, and also contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD). Does it really work?

The effectiveness of cannabis oil for treating cancer is still debatable. In general, there are no clinical studies have shown that it works for cancer. The claims and evidences that it cures cancer are still anecdotal, largely unsupportable.

Diet to manipulate the pH level

It’s thought that cancer cells are likely to thrive in acidic environment. For this reason, a diet called ‘alkaline ash /acid diet’ is highly publicized in the wrong way to treat cancer. In this diet, highly-acidic foods are restricted – and on the other hand, it’s recommended to eat more alkaline-foods. The goal is to raise the blood pH so thus the cancer cells are more difficult to thrive.

While cancer cells cannot survive in a highly alkaline condition, but neither can the normal-healthy cells. The body also has its own natural mechanism to maintain the balance of the blood pH levels.

So in general, alkaline acid diet will not substantially change the pH levels. There is also no adequate evidence that changing diet to manipulate pH levels will affect the growth of a cancer.

But this doesn’t mean that all of alternative cancer treatments are useless. Although they are not aimed to have a direct role to treat the problem, some may help improve the symptoms caused by the cancer and its conventional treatments – these include:

  1. Aroma therapy, it usually uses fragrant oils to promote a calming sensation.
  2. Acupuncture, a Chinese traditional therapy that uses tiny needles inserted into particular parts of the body. It may help relieve the symptoms due to cancer and its treatment. For example, it may help improve certain types of pain in patients with cancer.
  3. Massage, music therapy, or meditation. Some studies suggest that these therapies may help relieve pain, stress, fatigue, and anxiety.
  4. Hypnosis. This deep state of concentration therapy can help patients to focus on the goals, for example controlling stress and pain associated with cancer.
  5. Yoga, a form of exercise that incorporates deep breathing and stretching exercises. The benefits, to help reduce stress and fatigue. It can help improve sleep, too.
  6. Tai Chi, another Chinese traditional therapy that combines deep breathing and gentle movements. It’s good to help improve the overall health and relieve stress.
  7. Relaxation techniques that can combine a number of different activities such as progressive muscle relaxation and visualization exercises. These can also help promote a better sleep, relieve anxiety, and reduce fatigue.

How to find the right holistic providers?

Holistic providers can include a number of different health professionals such as medical doctors, homeopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopathy doctors, or else. But don’t go to just anyone! Because as with all professionals, some are good and others are not as good at their jobs!

If you think that holistic treatments may help, here are some helpful tips to find the right holistic providers:

  1. When choosing holistic practitioner, find out as much as possible about that person’s experience, training, specialty, or any association with hospital affiliations /professional organizations!
  2. Analyze how comfortable you are with them! For examples, ask yourself whether the philosophy of their treatment is similar to your own views! Do they make you feel at ease?
  3. Another thing to be concerned is about the appointment time. Kidney cancer is a serious, life-threatening disease. To completely understand this problem, choose providers who give and spend enough time with you so thus they will gain a complete picture of your needs.
  4. During appointment, are they ask the right questions? In order to make you feel at ease, they should consider you as a person, not a disease. Be prepared to answer questions such as your sleep habits, your close relationships, diet, how you feel emotionally, or even maybe your religious beliefs. If you don’t find any of questions like these, they may not be holistic-minded.
  5. The most important thing, learn carefully the kind of holistic treatment option that they suggest! In general, along with medical factors contributing to the disease – all lifestyle factors also should be examined.

In addition, for more information about holistic providers in your local area, visit also the official site of the American Holistic Medical Association!

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