Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure that Really Works?

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Though high blood pressure or hypertension is pretty common and can be very harmful for your cardiovascular system if left untreated, but fortunately there are also plenty options of home remedies you can explore to treat it. And the good news, many times it can be treated successfully with appropriate diet and lifestyle approaches – particularly for mild hypertension.

Factors that affect the way on how your hypertension is treated

Sometime the use of home remedies alone is not enough. For instance, if you develop secondary hypertension (a condition of high blood pressure that is more influenced by certain health condition such as kidneys disease), medical intervention is often required along with appropriate home remedies.

image_illustration19Fortunately, hypertension is controllable condition. In general, there are two major factors that can affect the way of how your high blood pressure is treated:

  1. The cause of the problem – whether it is triggered by only poor diet and bad lifestyles (essential hypertension) – or other certain health problems such as kidneys problem! As noted before, secondary hypertension is often not enough with only home remedies alone. A health condition that triggers it must be treated with the appropriate medications.
  2. The current level of your blood pressure – whether it is going to mild hypertension or severe hypertension. When it goes too high (level I or level II of hypertension), it must be treated and restored immediately back to normal. For this reason, some medicines for hypertension can be prescribed to treat the problem promptly. But when it is at the level of prehypertension or mild hypertension, you doctor may only give some advice of appropriate home remedies to restore it back to normal.

When your doctor says that you need to take medicine, the respond of your body to different medicines and your personal medical history (such as if you also have other medical problems) can significantly affect to the decision of which one of medicine for hypertension that will be prescribed.

Which one of home remedies that really works?

The answer can vary from person to person, but typically it is also dependent on what you have done.

For instance, exercise can be the most useful home remedy for hypertensive people who still don’t get used with regular exercise or /and being overweight (because losing weight can significantly help stabilize and improve your blood pressure if you are being obese – see in here for more detailed information about this issue).

Overall, all lifestyle approaches such as diet low /free in salt or DASH diet (a special diet designed to lower high blood pressure level), regular exercise, staying on your healthy weight, stress management, not smoking, and not excessively drinking alcohol can significantly help control and lower blood pressure.

Actually, the problem is not about which one that you should choose and follow. In fact, hypertension treatment requires combination of different lifestyle approaches.

A single lifestyle approach can be almost useless if not followed with other associated lifestyle approaches. For example, if you only rely on regular exercise and at the same time you still get used with poor diet (high in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fats), there will be no significant chance to your hypertension improvement.

Here is a complete guide on how to reduce high blood pressure level with home remedies, medical intervention, and other alternative therapies.

Exercise – how much it help?

We all agree that we will find and get lots of health advantages from exercise. Overall it can promote better health and well being in long term.

But remember, the key is consistency – there will be no significant health benefit that you get if you don’t do it regularly. So, you need to have regular exercise!

When it comes to lowering high blood pressure, what your regular exercise can provide?

  1. Regular exercise can help control LDL or low density lipoprotein (this kind of cholesterol is bad cholesterol). If you can control your cholesterol, your blood pressure is relatively not easier to rise.
  2. It also helps make your blood vessels remain relaxed which eventually can reduce the risk of developing tighten blood vessels. More elastic blood vessels that you have – lower risk of hypertension.
  3. It is great way to maintain your healthy weight or lose your weight if you are being overweight. In fact, obesity is a risk factor of hypertension – in other words, you are relatively easier to get raised blood pressure if you are overweight.
  4. And if you are taking medicine for hypertension, exercise can be essential to improve the effectiveness of it.

So, now you know clearly the key role of working out. To keep safe, make sure to check with your GP /doctor before beginning the program of your regular exercise!

What a kind of healthy diet that really works to lower high blood pressure?

When it comes to treating hypertension with diet, there are lots of advice you can find. This can be useful for you to find one that is not only healthy and great to improve your blood pressure but also meets to your taste without sacrificing the flavor. But sometime these overwhelming choices may make you confused.

Don’t worry, as long as you know clearly which one that is bad or good for your blood pressure, you should always have a better idea in choosing the best healthy foods to improve your hypertension.

In general, the following are some major checklists in DASH diet – DASH stands for the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension:


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