How Does Prostate Cancer Affect the Male Urinary System?

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The spread of cancer is often categorized into later stages. And for this case, the treatment is usually more focused to improve the quality of patient’s life.

Prostate cancer is usually a slow growing tumor. Many times, there is no sign and symptom until it becomes advanced. In fact, most patients with this cancer die due to other reasons – even some never know that they are having it.

It doesn’t always affect the urinary system, depending on the stage of the cancer.

But once cancer cells spread to other organs (outside the prostate), there is a chance for them to block and significantly affect the way of ureters to work. As a result, you may experience symptoms associated with urinary system, such as problem in controlling the stream of urine, urinary incontinence, and other urinating problems.

Additionally, the cancer itself is not the single reason for the cause of urinating problems. Some treatments of the cancer (such as radiation therapy) may also contribute in affecting the urinary system.

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