How Does Kidney Infection Affect your Stomach?

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Kidneys are quite close to the stomach

Abdominal pain, especially lower abdominal pain, is one of common symptoms of kidney infection. This is not fully known. But some experts blame the location of the kidneys in the body that is pretty close to the stomach.


The two kidneys are quite close to your stomach. This makes a problem in the kidney have greater chance to affect the stomach. For instance, sometime the infection in the kidney can be painful enough to also affect the stomach, causing lower abdominal pain.

Lack of appetite

Appetite loss is another kidney infection symptom, as noted before. It also could be a cause or a consequence of stomach problem.

For instance – when you have decreased appetite, you are likely to make poor diet choices such as skipping your regular meals or choosing unhealthy foods which some may contribute to cause stomach discomfort.

Infection spreads to the bloodstream

As well we know that the kidneys play a key role to filter blood, providing healthy-balanced and normal blood to keep you alive. The filtered blood is returned to the circulation and distributed to the rest of the body.

Infection in the kidney is usually caused by bacteria (typically a type called E. coli) that spread from anus to urethra (tube carrying urine from the bladder to the outside of the body). And this infection can spread to other areas of the body.

The bacteria can travel through blood as the kidneys return blood back to circulation. And the infection can spread and affect other parts of the body (including stomach). Therefore, early treatment is necessary to reduce the risk of blood poisoning.

Chronic kidney disease

Another serious consequence is the risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD). If the infection is poorly treated, it can become advanced and strong enough to cause kidney damage. This damage can increase the risk of CKD. And there is a chance for CKD to cause complication such as bleeding from gut or stomach.

Fortunately, the serious complications of kidney infection such as kidney damage or blood poisoning are quiet rare – especially if the infection is treated promptly. Most of the time, the infection is treated successfully.

Furthermore, the complications are likely to occur in patients with pre-existing health problem particularly such as weakened immune system and diabetes.


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