How Long Does Gastritis Last in Adults?

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And choose smaller meals than larger ones! Because eating smaller, more-frequent meals throughout the day can help control your stomach acid. Excessive stomach acid may make your gastritis symptoms get worse. But make sure to eat you meals regularly!


Switching pain relievers

If you’re taking NSAIDs, corticosteroids, or other medication that can worsen the disease – consider switching. Ask a doctor whether you need to take other pain relievers that don’t hurt your stomach lining.

For example, your doctor may prescribe alternative pain killers that don’t provoke gastritis such as acetaminophen. But if you cannot stop using NSAIDs, the dose should be dropped to the lowest possible.

What else?

Eliminate any other factors that can interfere with your stomach’s healing such as excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and stress.

Alcohol and tobacco smoke can hurt the mucous lining of your stomach. Uncontrolled stress is bad for the strength of your body’s immune system and weakens your stomach’s ability to protect itself.

There are also a number of alternative medications (such as herbs) for gastritis. But to keep safe, it’s always recommended to talk with your doctor before trying herbs or any other alternative treatments! Also, ask your doctor first before discontinuing any prescription medications!


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