How to Find Out Due-Date by Your Last Period?

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  1. Women on her first pregnancy.
  2. Women who don’t know the exact date of the first day of their last menstrual cycle. For this case, there is a chance to make a miscalculation of due date.
  3. The baby’s sex is boy.
  4. Women with obesity (overweight) before pregnancy.
  5. Women who have a family history of overdue pregnancy.
  6. Women with personal history of overdue pregnancy.

What are the next steps you should do?

Always remember that overdue pregnancy will not last forever! After you pass your EED, your doctor usually ask you to continuously take your prenatal care. But now your doctor is more serious to watch and analyze any sign of complication – particularly like preeclampsia

Your doctor usually also regularly check your cervix whether it begins to dilate & thin in preparation for delivery. If you pass more than a week of your EED, your doctor usually will check and analyze the heartbeat of your baby. He /she may also ask you to take an ultrasound test to analyze the movements of your baby. This kind of test is sometimes also used to analyze the level of amniotic fluid.

For certain condition, your doctor may consider the labor inducement. For this option, your doctor may decide to use a thin plastic hook when there is still intact amniotic sac. You usually also will be asked to take certain medications to soften and open your cervix.

In addition, to trigger the contraction of your uterus, your doctor may also use certain medications (such as a synthetic version of oxytocin like Pitocin). Keep in touch with your doctor /healthcare provider! Follow all instructions from your doctor!


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