How to Treat Lung Cancer Naturally?

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It is a traditional Chinese medication that has been used to treat numerous different conditions for many years. But does it also work for lung cancer?

It is not intended to help treat the cancer directly, but it may be helpful to treat and manage symptoms related to cancer. For instance, it can help ease nausea and vomiting (common side effects of chemotherapy). Even it may help ease pain and improve shortness of breath.

Are there any herbs for lung cancer?

When it comes to alternative treatment for cancer, herbs may be promising in the future. Even in some eastern countries, some studies are going to find one that can help most to help fight against cancer.

However currently, there is still poor information whether the use of particular herbs work for lung cancer. To keep safe, talk first to your doctor before taking any herb. It should only be prescribed by a professional practitioner. For better result, she /he should also collaborate with your doctor!

Iscador (mistletoe) is one of herbs that may help. For instance, it may ease the side effect of chemotherapy. Sometime a knowledgeable practitioner can prescribe it in conjunction with chemotherapy.



This kind of therapy or ‘treatment’ uses highly diluted substances to help stimulate the body to heal or repair itself! Unfortunately, there is only poor evidence to support the health benefit from this therapy.

Although the effectiveness of this therapy for cancer is still questionable, but it may help ease some side effects of cancer treatments, reduce stress during the course of illness, and boost overall constitution.


It is a relaxation exercise that combines gentle stretching movements with meditation and deep breathing. It provides some health benefits for people with cancer, these include:

  1. To help improve the quality of your sleep. The pain and other symptoms are not easy to cope when you have cancer. With yoga, you may be easier to fall asleep and sleep better.
  2. It helps manage your stress. Stress itself can worsen numerous medical conditions and make the treatment less likely to work.

It is commonly safe for people with cancer, especially if taught by a professional trainer.


It is a time of quiet relaxation to help improve the quality of life and reduce stress in people with cancer. It is a therapy in which you will focus on something such as sound, image, or an idea. You can do it at home or with a professional instructor.


In massage, a professional therapist uses hands to apply a variety of pressures (depending on which type of massage your body needs) to your skin and muscles.

It can help improve anxiety, reduce stress, and relieve pain related to cancer. Even there are some therapists of massage who are specifically trained to help give complementary treatment for people with cancer.


It is intended to help put patients in a trance-like state so thus they can be relaxing. A professional therapist will direct you to think positive and pleasing thoughts. It may help improve pain, nausea, and anxiety in patients with cancer.

Self-care remedies to cope with shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a common symptom of lung cancer. The following self-care remedies may help to cope with it:

  1. Use your energy effectively, save it for what’s important. Being short of breath can be a lot to cope with. You are easier to get tired. Therefore, avoid any non-essential tasks in your daily routines.
  2. Focus your mind on breathing by concentrating on using muscles that control the diaphragm (instead of trying to fill the lungs with too much air). For instance, try taking a breath through pursed lips.
  3. When your breathless strikes, find your comfortable position. For instance, it may help to lean forward so thus you can take a breath more easily!
  4. For many people, breathless symptom can be scary. But try to relax, don’t let your anxiety and fear take control otherwise you will be harder to breathe.
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