Ladies, What Depression Does to Your Body?

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Some experts also believe that this mood disorder may contribute and increase the risk of other health conditions. For instances, it can directly stimulate the increased production of stress hormones (like adrenaline or cortisol).

It may also affect the performance of the body immune system – as a result, we have poor immune system to fight infection.

Moreover, it may increase the risk of abusing illegal drugs /certain substances. Some recent studies suggest that it may also be linked to problems of heart (heart disease).

Depression often coexists with some health conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, stroke, lupus /other autoimmune diseases, heart disease (heart attack and coronary artery disease), kidney disease, cancer, HIV /AIDS, and Parkinson’s disease.

Many physical problems due to depression (particularly such as sleeping troubles) may be the major reason of why many depressed people also have a weaken-immune system. This can be bad for the existing illness. In turn, physical problems due to chronic disease will also worsen the depression itself.

Unfortunately, many depressed people as well as their families and friends often overlook the physical symptoms of this mood disorder.

In addition, some studies found that worries about health, fatigue, and sleep problems are probably early signs of depression (particularly for older adults). But, these studies also found that these signs are often dismissed as simply a natural process of aging.

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