Why Do You Lose Weight with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Lack of sleep may have an effect, too

In general, lack of sleep is more likely to cause weight gain because it can trigger the production of hunger hormones. As a result, you are easier for cravings and easier to gain weight.


But overall, sleep deprivation can be problematic for your weight control. It might pose the risk of weight loss, too (particularly if you are already being underweight).

Not all people follow their appetite to eat more foods after a poor night’s rest. Furthermore, your sleep deprivation also can have contribution to cause more stress. With all of these things, a mild weight loss problem might occur.

Side effects of some RA medications

While it’s important for sufferers to take medications as well as prescribed to control the disease, there are also some side effects from the treatments. But overall, doctor prescribes a certain medication due to it has advantages that outweigh the risks!

The use of DMARDs is a common treatment option for RA. For instance, methotrexate is often prescribed to help control the inflammatory process of RA. But it also carries the risk of causing appetite loss.

If your weight loss problem gets worse and you do believe that it is associated with certain medication that you’re taking, talk to your physician to consider switching!

Overall if you have RA, weight control is so crucial to help reduce the risk of the complications from the disease. See also foods you need to eat and avoid with diet for RA in this section!


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