How Does Losing Weight Affect Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?

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Caffeinated beverages such as coffee also should be concerned. As well we know, caffeine can affect blood pressure. Drinking it too much can put you at greater chance of hypertension. But if you don’t have hypertension, you don’t need to avoid it – however, drink it moderately to keep safe!


You need to have a regular exercise!

We all agree that exercise is one of the most important things for all of those problems.

However, it’s not only about exercise. You need to make it as part of your regular activity.

So, make sure to do it regularly in most days a week! However, not all people (especially for those with obesity) love exercising. If you are one of them, you can start your exercise from your daily activity. Here are some helpful ideas to get moving more and burn more calories without needing to go to the gym!

Cope with your stress!

Losing weight and lowering blood pressure is not only about what you eat and physical issues. You need also to concern about your emotions, and one of them is stress. There are lots of studies confirmed that stress can affect your blood pressure and weight.

During stress you are more likely to get more appetite and lose control on what you eat. Stress may also affect your metabolic rate.

Here is in-depth information about the link between stress and weight gain! And for blood pressure, though stress only raises your blood pressure for a while, but if you cannot control your stress too often, this can contribute in causing hypertension over time.

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