The Basic Signs of Depression in Women

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  1. Frequent physical symptoms such as chronic pain, headache, cramps, and digestive disorders which typically don’t respond to lifestyle measures.
  2. Poor concentration, poor ability to make a decision, and decreased memory.
  3. Sleeping problems.
  4. Weight changes – eating disorders due to lack /loss of appetite which then can cause weight loss. Sometimes the opposite may occur, patient may have overeating problem which then cause weight gain problem.
  5. Having poor energy, decreased energy, or easier to get fatigue!
  6. In severe stage, patient may have some suicide attempts or at least have thoughts of suicide /death.
  7. Having more negative feelings, such as pessimism, helplessness, guilty, worthlessness, and hopelessness.
  8. Loss /lack of interest in hobbies or activities, including loss of interest in sex.
  9. Excessive crying, excessive restlessness, and irritability. Patient may also get persistent anxiety.
  10. Persistent bad mood and sad.

What are differences between depression in women and men?

The following are some major checklists:

  1. Depressed men tend to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  2. Depressed women is also likely to have anxiety disorders (particularly such as phobic & panic symptoms).
  3. Depressed men are less likely to have guilty feelings and suicide attempts.
  4. Depression in women is relatively earlier to occur, more likely to come back after remission, and also likely to last longer than in men.
  5. Depressed men are likely to blame others, create conflicts, hide the problem, feel agitated &restless – while the opposite ways occur in depressed women!

The takeaway! Depressed women are likely to have and feel scared & anxious, worthless, apathetic, and sad – on the other hand depressed men are likely to feel suspicious & guarded, angry, ego inflated, and irritable!


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