How to Treat Nail Psoriasis Naturally?

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  1. Phototherapy (it involves daily short term exposure to sunlight). However, it should be done carefully, excessive exposure cam be counterproductive. You need to make sure that you get a controlled amount of sunlight! Work with your doctor to keep safe!
  2. Sometime, the use of phototherapy with exposure to sunlight can be combined with the prescription medicine psoralen. This technique is also called PUVA.
  3. There are some health-clinics that offer the service of using sea treatment mixed with water! This therapy is intended to help cleanse the pores and clean out the skin.
  4. Other treatments may include the use of certain herbs or taking certain supplements such as vitamin C to help improve the body immune system.

Again, do your daily nail-care carefully and gently! Vigorous care can worsen the problem. Avoid injuring your nails to avoid the risk of infection.

And don’t forget to keep your nail from damage and keep it dry in order to prevent the problem from recurring!


See also other home remedies to cope with psoriasis naturally on this section!

What are the treatment options?

As mentioned before, the treatment plan is usually dependent on the symptoms and the severity of the problem itself.

The following are some common prescription medications for nail psoriasis:

  1. If the problem can be treated topically, doctors can prescribe certain creams / ointments that contain D derivatives, topical vitamin A, or steroid. If necessary, antifungal solution can be prescribed if there is a fungus infection.
  2. But since not all cases can be treated with topical option (the medications are not always easy to be delivered to the affected nail area because the barrier of the nail plate), the medications can be injected under the affected nail.
  3. Depending on the severity of the problem, systematic therapy can be used if sufferer has both skin psoriasis and arthritis symptoms. This is intended to spread medication throughout the body.
  4. The last option may be with a surgery. It can be recommended if the problem doesn’t respond to other treatments.

At present, this kind of skin problem doesn’t have a cure. However, some treatments are available to help improve the function and appearance of the affected nails, as written above.


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