What Are Stroke Signs While Sleeping?

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Normally, when someone wakes you up, you will respond it and get your awareness gradually. But if you have a stroke attack, you are poor or very poor to respond anyone who calls or wakes you up from sleep.

Late to wake up from sleep

If you have regular sleep cycles, you should get used to wake up at a specific time in the morning. Stroke can affect your ability to move and control certain parts of your body. It also can affect your speech.

If stroke occurs during sleep, you will probably wake up from your sleep differently.

For instance, when it causes paralysis, you may lose control of your legs and arms. As a result, you may not be able to wake up and stand from your bed on your own. And if it also affects your speech, you can be very poor to say any word for help.

If you know someone who has some risk factors of stroke with regular sleep cycles, but she /he doesn’t wake up from sleep at a time as usual, it’s much better to see her /him immediately to make sure everything is ok!


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