When Does Movement Start in Pregnancy – More FAQs?

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  1. 12th week after conception! This is the starting point of your baby should begin to move. But you usually will not notice it, since the size of your baby /fetus is still very small. Read also how far your baby will grow in the first trimester in here!
  2. 16th week after conception! This is the time when some women begin to notice some tiny flutters (often described as butterfly-like flutters). In this stage, many pregnant women are still not able to clearly distinguish between the movement of their baby or due to another reason (such as the movement of gas in the belly).
  3. Week-20! Then you may begin to really notice and feel movements called ‘quickening’ by this point. In essence, you will feel a stronger movement than before.
  4. Week-24! By this point of your baby developing, the flutters that you feel will begin to become more established. Sometimes you may also notice slight twitches – this may be a sign of your baby hiccups.
  5. The 28th week of pregnancy (the last week of your second trimester)! By this point, you will feel the flutters more often – even you may also notice jabs and kicks that sometimes will take your breath away.
  6. Week 32-36 (your pregnancy is getting closer for delivery)! By this point, your baby is bigger in size and this takes more volume of your uterus. Therefore, there is now less space for the movement of your baby – this means the flutters that you feel will gradually decrease.

Should you monitor and track the movements of your baby during pregnancy?

As you get further along in weeks and months of your pregnancy, you should keep tracking and monitoring of how often you feel the movements /day!


Though there is no scientifically evidence to confirm the advantage of this idea, but at least you have a guide that your baby is continuously and normally developing. If you count them, you would also have the normal pattern of your baby movement, so thus if you notice abnormal pattern you can see a doctor immediately!

Typically, your doctor may ask you to monitor the movement once it was well established (usually after 24-28 week).

When you should call your doctor?

Again, counting and monitoring the movements of your baby are one of helpful options to early identify any potential problem that could be harmful for you and your baby. Plus, this will create a tightly bonding with you and your newborn.

If your baby (typically after 24-28 week) has begun to regularly move but if then you notice a drastic deviation of movement (significantly slowed) in the pattern, see medical help promptly for more guidance!


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