When Is It OK to Pop A Pimple – More FAQs?

Pimple can reduce your confident and you have to solve it right away. Because you want to get rid of pimple around your skin, you tend to do any kind of way including pop the pimple. Instead of solving the problem, you add a problem and it even serious. Actually, it is okay to pop a pimple in your skin. The question is when is it OK to pop a pimple? You need to know the answer first before popping the pimple to reduce the risk. It is also better for you to go to dermatologist to consult about the best time to pop your pimple.

The right time to pop a pimple

What you need to notice that you can’t pop your pimple any time you want. There is specific time to do it. Pop the pimple in the right time reduces the risk of skin irritation and even infection. In this case, you have to make sure that the pimple has already been there for awhile.

It is a mistake if you pop the pimple when it is still in the form of zit. It is true that you want to get rid it right away but it is better to wait and let it for awhile for your own safety.

After popping the pimple, you have to let it because the metabolism of your skin will heal the pimple by itself. If it is healed, the pimple will be disappeared by its own.

The treatments if the pimple doesn’t disappear

How about if it doesn’t heal after the pop process? You don’t need to worry about that because you can just buy a specific skin cream or acne cream which contains of strong salicylic acid. Moreover, you can also try the opposite way. In this case, you can try to use the cream first and see how the cream reacts to the pimple. If you don’t see any positive impact it means you are allowed to pop the pimple.

So, when is it ok to pop a pimple? Basically, you have to wait until the pimple change into white.

If you see a white pimple in your skin it means this is the right time to pop it. It is important to see the pimple carefully. It is better not to pop the pimple if it is small and you can’t see the pus within the pimple. If you force to pop the pimple anyway, there is a possibility that you will face a specific skin problem. See also home remedies for pimple that won’t pop!

The treatments before popping a pimple

After learning about when is it ok to pop a pimple? It is also very important to know the treatment before pop the pimple. First, it is great if you take a bath before popping your pimple. To make it perfect, you can just take a bath along with relaxing bubble. Although it looks simple activity to do but it is important because it makes you skin nice and supple.

time_to_pop_a_pimple_illustrationSecond, before popping the pimple, it is a must for you to wash your hand with anti bacteria product. It is important to prevent skin infection or irritation. When you are sure that your hand is clean, you can just make soft and smooth pressure around the pimple.

The key is not to force to pop the pimple and let the smooth pressure pop the pimple by itself. If it doesn’t work, you can just soak the pimple in the water for a few minutes.

Then, you can start to do the same effect to pop the pimple. Don’t forget to prepare the cotton to handle the pop of the pimple.

It is also important to make sure that the pimple secure, hygiene, and sterile.

When the pus is already removed from the pimple, you can start to use antibiotic product. Just use it gently and again just make sure that your hand is clean while doing this process.

The last thing to do is putting a band aid to keep the pimple sterile. In the end, just let the pimple for self healing and don’t do anything especially with your hand to prevent infection and irritation.

Hopefully, this information helps you to remove your pimple safely. It is also necessary to go to the dermatologist to consult the process above. Just do the process step by step and carefully for your own satisfaction and prevent serious skin problems.

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