What to Do With a Pimple That Won’t Pop?

When a pimple pops naturally on its own, this can reduce the chance of developing scaring on the skin. On the other hand, if it won’t pop after many days, this can be very bothersome and increase the temptation for you to pop it deliberately. However this idea is bad and can be counterproductive for the healing time of your acne. So, what you should do?

Why does acne happen on the face?

In fact, face is the most common area for acne to occur – yap… it is the most acne-prone area of your body, why? There are some reasons, but many experts agree that the skin on the face is one of the most sensitive sites of the body.

A paper published on Science Direct observed that the skin of the face is more likely to loss more water than other skin on the rest of the body. As well we know that water is very important for all cells of the body, including for the cells of your skin. Furthermore, a study found that the hair follicles of skin on the face may be relatively easier to be clogged – the starting point for acne to occur.

These reasons with other bad lifestyles can create a great combination to make your face to become the most acne-prone site than other skin on the rest of your body.

The bad lifestyles can include touching the face a lot (too much), too much /too poor cleaning your face, excessive exposure to cigarette smoking or other air pollutions, washing the face with the wrong soaps, etc. See also simple lifestyle changes to help prevent acne on this section!

What is the best soap for your face you should choose and use?

Why soaps that you use for your body should not be used to wash your face? Soap for the body is commonly too harsh for your face skin. This is the major issue why you should not use this kind of soap for your face.

pimple_that_won’t_pop_illustrationIn general, detergents are the main ingredient of soap. It usually also contains alkaline pH. Fragrances may also be added to smother the natural odor of soap. While moisturizers in the soaps are used to help soothe the skin of the body as it is cleaned, but this may also be too harsh for the face skin.

Soaps that are free of fragrances and colors can be safe enough for some people – though this kind of soap also still contain detergents. Without chemical color and fragrances, this can help reduce the chance of the soap to cause irritation on the face skin.

And for the best choice, soaps without cleansers-ingredient are commonly recommended. Though they are free of cleansers, they can still be powerful enough to clean the face by using syndetsm (a kind of soft synthetic detergents). They also can maintain the pH balance of the skin face since they contain a more acidic pH.

Furthermore, you should also consider the type of your face skin – whether it is oily or dry. There are many products that designed for specific type of face skin.

Do pimples go away faster if you pop them?

People with acne are more likely to groom their lesions. They often examine their pimples very closely or some may examine their acne too often every day and then start thinking that there is something they can extracts from the lesion or stick in their lesion. And eventually they may decide to pick and pop their pimples – but this idea is not the answer of the problem, even can make the lesion get worse (as noted before).

Again, picking /popping the pimples doesn’t help. On the other hand, it can prolong the healing time and at the same time also can put you at greater chance of having redness, swelling, or scaring around the skin where the acne occurs.

This is reasonable since popping a pimple can push the infected material further and deeper into the skin.

So, what to do with a pimple that won’t pop?

It is undeniable that pimples can be very bothersome, and unfortunately they are also unpredictable since they can occur anytime. Nevertheless, they can be prevented!

Over-the-counter medicines are available to treat a pimple that won’t pop – you can consult with a doctor for best advice of which one that works best and meets to your body needs. Furthermore, there are also some home-remedies to help treat a pimple that doesn’t pop. Below are some helpful tips!

If not needed, don’t touch your face!

Touching your face too often with anything or your hands can increase the chance for dirt to attach on the face. If you need to touch your face with your hands, make sure your hands are clean enough.

Anything that is needed to touch your face (such as make-up brushes ‘don’t use too old brushes’ or pillow for your sleep at night) also should be clean.

The treatment option with your own mix and match ingredient!

There are some kinds of fruits, trees and herbs that can help treat pimples that won’t pop – the following are some helpful ideas:

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