What to Do With a Pimple That Won’t Pop?

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When a pimple pops naturally on its own, this is less likely to cause scaring on the skin. But if it won’t pop after many days — this can be very bothersome and you’re likely to pop it deliberately even though you know this is a bad way to deal with. So, what should you do?

How do you have a pimple?

The face is probably the most common area where we often find pimples – Yap… it is the most acne-prone area of your body, why? There are some reasons. But the special characteristic of your facial skin is the answer. It’s more sensitive, more vulnerable to lots of things.

A paper published on Science Direct observed that the skin of the face is likely to loss more water than other skin on the rest of the body [1]. Water is very important for all cells of the body, including for skin cells. Furthermore, clogged pores are more likely to occur on the face.

These reasons with other bad lifestyles would create a great combination to make your face to become the most acne-prone site than the rest of your body.

Some bad lifestyles that may provoke acne flare-up are as follows;

  1. A lot of grooming, touching the face a lot (too much),
  2. Excessive exposure to cigarette smoking or other air pollutions)
  3. The use of inappropriate products in your face skin care routine (harsh soap, for example)

What is the best facial cleanser to choose? A body wash is commonly too harsh for your face skin. That’s why don’t use it on your face. Also, you should consider the type of your face skin – whether it is oily or dry. There are many products designed for specific type. What’s more?

First things first, you will find lots of products to choose from when it comes to washing the face. But in general, this probably is classified into two types; face wash and cleanser.

Face wash is a term used for ‘soap for face’. It’s usually stronger than cleanser. On the other hand, cleansers are relatively friendlier for sensitive skin. They don’t have sodium lauryl sulfate (a common skin irritant found in most soaps and body washes) and provide more hydrating-and-moisturizing effects.

Which is the best one? This would come down to personal preference. For dry, more sensitive facial skin – cleansers are more recommended. And if you have oily skin, face wash is probably your best bet. Sometimes you may need to use both face wash and cleanser, depending on your situations!

Do pimples go away faster if you pop them? Most people are likely to groom their pimples. Some may eventually pop the pimples.

Again, picking /popping the pimples doesn’t help. Even this may prolong the healing time — also increase the risk of redness, swelling, or scaring. Popping a pimple may provoke the infected things further and deeper into the skin, worsening the problem!

So, what to do with a pimple that won’t pop?

It is undeniable that pimples can be very bothersome, especially if they last for a long time.

A few over-the-counter medicines are available to treat a pimple that won’t pop. But it’s more recommended to see a doctor for more advice. The good news, there are also some home-remedies to help deal with.

Stop touching your face!

Touching your face or piking at your pimple would increase the chance for dirt or bacteria to penetrate deeper into the skin.

If you need to touch your face with hands, make sure your hands are clean enough. Anything you use to touch your face (e.g. make-up brushes and pillow) also should be clean!

Try with your own mix and match ingredient!

There are some natural ingredients that may help drive the pimple go away on its own. Some of the most popular ones are with natural herbal extracts, which also have been used by traditional medicine practitioners for hundreds of years.

Here are some helpful ideas:


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