Will Low Potassium Cause A Stroke?

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What else potassium can do for your health?

Now you know that potassium is one of the major essential minerals required by your body. Lack of this mineral in the diet can be potential to cause some health medical problems.

The following are other health benefits you can get!

To help prevent and treat hypokalemia symptoms!

The most important thing why you need to get plenty of dietary potassium is to prevent a medical condition called hypokalemia (low potassium in the body). 

If you have hypokalemia, the symptoms that occur may include fatigue /weakness /lack of energy, changes in heartbeats such as irregular heartbeats may also occur, muscle cramps, and stomach disturbances.

Hypokalemia can occur if you have diet poor in potassium, but hypokalemia with this cause usually rarely occurs because in fact it’s easy to find potassium naturally in foods around us. Instead many times, the problem occur due to the lack ability of the body to retain potassium naturally which then can make the body lose lots of potassium through intestines or urine.

Hypokalemia is a serious health condition and should be treated promptly!

For the health of your bones!

According a general guideline ‘About potassium’ released by the University of Maryland ‘Medical Center’, some researches showed that following diet with plenty of potassium can help improve the health and strength of the bones, especially in elderly people.

It may also help reduce the risk of osteoporosis (a health condition associated with the decreasing strength of the bones).

However, the effect of dietary potassium to the health of bones is still not fully understood – more research is needed!

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