Will A Stroke Show Up On A CT (CAT) Scan?

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On the other hand, the window to cure and reverse the brain damage due to ischemic stroke (the most common type of stroke caused by the blocked artery that carries blood to the brain) is dependent on how fast the treatment is given.

For this reason, some experts recommend MRI scan test instead of CT-scan test for accurate diagnosis of stroke at very early stage (within 12 hours after the onset of stroke), according to a guideline published in the American Academy of Neurology journal in the July, 2010.

MRI test is also a kind of imaging test, but it is different than CT-scan. It uses magnets & radio waves to create a more detailed image of your body.

The diffusion MRI can help define molecular water motion, so it works more effectively to show which area of brain with restricted water diffusion (an area that usually signals brain damage).

Are there any special preparations before the test?

Here are some major checklists you need to know before taking CT-scan test:

  1. If you’re pregnant, tell this to your doctor before taking the test!
  2. Tell your doctor if you are also taking certain medicines
  3. If you have any allergies, let your doctor know!
  4. Your doctor usually asks you to take a fasting for about 4 hours or more before the test, especially if a contrast dye is used.
  5. And take off any jewelry and accessories before the test!

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