Best Thing to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight Fast

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Eating breakfast is one of keys to lose weight fast, but did you know that eating right foods also matter? So, what are the best things to eat for breakfast when it comes to losing weight more quickly?

How many calories should you eat?

The answer is closely dependent on the age and the level of your physical activity.

More calories you eat, more physical activity you need to do in order to maintain your ideal weight. Therefore, your physical activity level plays a key role in this issue.

And about age, your metabolism decreases as you age. Decreased metabolic rate means decreased performance of your body in burning calories.

Moreover, gender also has an effect. Men tend to need more calories than women. In other words, men need greater calories than women at the same age and physical activity level.

Women typically eat fewer calories than men in the same age and physical activity level. The following are the table of summary for the calories requirement of men and women from different level of physical activity.

Source; WebMD

Does eating breakfast help burn calories and lose weight faster?

Studies confirmed many health advantages from breakfast, including for weight loss. The following are some of these studies:

  1. Two studies released and published in the American Dietetic Association Journal suggests that people with habit of eating their breakfast are less likely to have weight problems.
  2. The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) claims that eating breakfast is a must, particularly if you want to maintain your ideal weight or lose your excessive weight. A research conducted by NWCR showed that people who took weight loss diet and also ate their breakfast regularly lost their excessive weight faster.

So, what is the key?

Eating breakfast can provide a stronger, steady energy throughout the day. With breakfast you are more likely to become more powerful to control what to eat and what to avoid in the next meals during the day.

For instance, if you skip your breakfast, you tend to take a large meal at lunch, plus you’re likely to lose control on what to eat.

People with habit of eating breakfast also tend to have a good management of time, including for their regular exercise. Eating breakfast means you should wake up earlier in the morning, and this means you have to be better in planning your day, including for time of exercise.

Overall, daily habit of eating breakfast is great for your entire health in long term. It can help control your insulin to work regularly, a good thing to reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes (a condition when your insulin works improperly).

Best things to eat for breakfast to lose weight!

To get your best chance of losing more pounds of weight, choose also the appropriate foods for your breakfast!

Well… there are a lot of healthy foods you can explore, but when it comes to losing weight, here are a few best things to remember!


We all agree that fiber is one of important elements from your diet if you seriously want to lose weight fast.

As well we know, it is slower digested in the digestive system. As a result, fiber can help delay your gastric emptying and suppress your appetite.

In fact, obese /overweight individuals who get plenty of fiber from their weight loss diet tend to have a better appetite control, according to one study written in Mayo Clinic.

So, make sure you get plenty of fiber from your breakfast!


The first thing that comes to your mind about calcium is probably bone health. There is nothing wrong with this perception since calcium is the most crucial substance to keep and improve the health of your bones.

But did you know calcium may help lose and reduce fat while preserving muscles? Nevertheless, this connection is still debatable.

Regardless this debatable issue, it’s clear that getting plenty of calcium from diet is crucial for your body in long term.

Complex carbohydrates

As the name implies, complex carbs are relatively slower digested. As a result, they can provide more steady energy.

Foods categorized into complex carbohydrates include red rice, whole-grain, starchy vegetables, and so on.

Drink plenty of water!

Water is very crucial to keep you hydrated. It is also important for your digestive system and other organs of your body.

Drinking plenty of water in your breakfast is not only about the way of your body to keep hydrated, but it may also help you feel full longer throughout the day.

Yummy foods for your weight-loss breakfast goal!

There are a lot of choices, here are some goodies to try — they’re not only good for your weight control, but also good in taste.

Cereal (high-fiber cereal)

Most people love cereal for their breakfast since it is pretty practical and also yummy in taste. But for your best chance of losing weight, choose high-fiber cereal instead of low-fiber cereal!

Eating high-fiber cereal in breakfast is a good way to control your appetite so you’re likely to eat less at lunch, according to one research conducted by the Medical Center and the University of Minnesota.

Olive oil

Olive oil is high in fat, but don’t worry – it is only rich in monounsaturated fat (healthy fat). It can help provide healthy fat for your steady energy.

According to an Australian research, eating olive oil moderately may also help improve metabolic rate. Good metabolic rate is necessary in controlling weight and losing weight – as noted before.

Also, olive oil is common in Mediterranean diet (one of popular healthy diets, which is also good for weight loss).


Another practical option for your breakfast is with egg. Protein in the egg may help control blood sugar levels, which is a good thing to reduce your chance of getting ‘food cravings’ too fast.

However, egg yolk is also high in cholesterol. Therefore eat it in moderation!

According to the American Heart Association, you should not eat more than 1 egg /day! If you need to eat more than 1 egg per day, just simply skip the egg yolk.

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